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Pros and cons of online advertising

3There is no doubt that online advertising is one of the most popular and most widespread marketing strategies of today, with plenty of benefits for both the businesses and the customers. It is no wonder that the trend of online advertising is on the rise, since there are more and more people using the Internet on all sorts of devices and for all kinds of purposes. Furthermore, many businesses decide to base their campaign solely on online advertising and employ seo outsourcing services. Such decision has its good and bad sides, and if you are considering relying only on the Internet for your marketing campaign, in this article we will introduce you with the advantages and disadvantages of such strategy.

cost-effective-marketingLet us start with the advantages. First of all, online marketing is much more cost-effective than any form of traditional marketing, especially than advertising on TV. Online ads allow (and even require) lots of creativity, but they do not require too much financial investing. Another benefit is that online ads can deliver immediate results, meaning that you will have an almost instant insight on all the statistics related to your visitors, customers and people affected by your online advertising campaign, which allows you better control over the campaign. Unlike other types of advertising, online ads can be created so that they reach specific groups of people. You are able to determine the target group you want to be reached by your ad, and online advertisement is the most likely to reach that specific group instead of reaching too wide audience. On the other TOP-STRATEGIES-FOR-SELLING-AD-SPACE-ON-LOW-TRAFFIC-WEBSITES-IN-NIGERIAhand, online ad enables you to reach another type of wide audience – the international one. Instead of creating an advertisement that will reach the audience determined by the location of your company, you can aim for the audience all over the world, but filtered by their interests, age, gender and other relevant factors. Online ads can be creative and personalized, created for several specific target groups and not just one wide group of viewers. Furthermore, it can provide interactions and help build social relationships with your customers, as well as other businesses, which improves the success of your company. What’s more, unlike any other type of advertising, online marketing is available at any time of day or night, so it can be reached by people with different habits and from all time zones.

Online-AdvertisingAs we have mentioned, having the campaign based only on online marketing can have some disadvantages as well. First of all, the fact that technology is prone to errors can make your online ad non-working and damage your business’ reputation. More importantly, there are people who still have not embraced online marketing and purchase; and since there are plenty of online ads and banners all over the World Wide Web, many people choose to ignore them. Because of these groups of people and the potential problems with technology, you should consider advertising through other means as well, instead of using only online marketing strategies.

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