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Pros and cons of online advertising

Consultation is a common word but is not commonly practiced. Marketers and planners often have this elite mentality and believe their plan is the best. This may not work, according to http://digitalmarketingmentor.co.uk. Consultation must be part of pre-planning and planning. This can correct errors before implementation. This is the reason why companies still do surveys, and they still do traditional methods. You need to consult before your digital marketing campaign. If you don’t consult, you isolate yourself, and if the market reacts differently, you will be at a loss at what is happening. It is better to be prepared for any eventuality.

Analyze Market Conditions

The online market is a convergence of many forces. Some products make it and other products just barely make it. You need to analyze the market. After this, you may need to test the waters as a social media apprentice. Is the market cold? Is it hot for the product? You will know this if you test the marketing arena. Since the market is so huge, target a specific percentage of your specific market. Translate it into financial figures. You now have both a guide in quantity and financial value. You can start working from this point on and make decisions to guide you in your digital marketing.

Develop a Concrete Social Media Campaign

Online campaigns are like military campaigns. You need to choose your theater of operation and the online geography. To win in the social media campaign, do not attempt to enter into unfamiliar territory. If ever it is necessary to go into unfamiliar territory, test the waters and evaluate how much it will cost you to enter to this type of campaign. You also need to develop a concrete social media campaign. This means that your campaign is attainable and measurable. Do not fall into the trap of online idealism, thinking that everything that you do will succeed. Sometimes it does succeed and sometimes it fails.


Establish your Specific Brand Goals

Branding is essential to capture a portion of the market. In the online market, there are millions of items floating around and millions of names go with it. If you go generic, you will get lost in the flow of products that are constantly introduced online. Branding allows you to get a foothold on the market. However, you must do this with caution. Many have done it wrong, and it backfired on them, totally eliminating their brand. You need to establish clearly your specific brand goals. What do you want to establish initially? How will you maintain it? How do you move from there? These are questions for your digital marketing.

You must consult before your digital marketing campaign. This is the opinion of http://digitalmarketingmentor.co.uk. If you choose to neglect this important aspect, you may get tied up with something that will be difficult to untangle. Consulting is not a sign of weakness; rather it is a sign of intelligence. When you consult, you get things without laboring for it. This is excellent for digital marketing.

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The Good and Bad sides of SEO

The Good and Bad sides of SEO

Posted By on Sep 9, 2016

Most of the digital marketing nowadays used the SEO because it improves the prominence of the websites that attract lot of Internet users. If the website is always in high rank it is an advantage for your digital market business. Let’s discover the two sides of the SEO

The Good about the SEO

  • SEO performs continuously flow of target and free traffic.

SEO helps you to tap a maximum source of unlimited flowing target and free traffic. It is free because you don’t need to pay directly for traffic generation in the similar manner that people paid through channels for advertising such as PPC advertising via AdWords Google. If you use SEO it will reduce your payment.

  • SEO helps your website to be more tangible to the user who searching for a solution

You know the prime reason why people always use the Internet to look for quick and instant solution for their problem, concern and issue.  SEO provide links in the website so the user can find the answer within a short time period. Seventy percent gives you solid results by using the SEO.

  • SEO develop Traffic that can be converted

According to a Journal that SEO can go as maximum rate of 14.6% rate close which is good than the 1.7% close rate which you can develop from print and email advertising.  It depend the online users and industry niche have variety of behaviours in a specific area in the search outcome they mostly preferred click that gives them a great impact during the conversion. Users from the department of insurance, airlines, broadcast median and finance have an 81% up to 93% similarity in clicking the same search outcome while user from the department of computer and electronic  44% that they click the same search outcome. This is proven how important to rank the important link in website, so you can determine its uses.

The Bad about the SEO

  • SEO outcome will take for hours

It is obvious that using the SEO for a major purpose like in the business, in producing a visible result the time-framing is very slow. Part of the process in getting the context been indexed through search engines it take several weeks, days and hours. If you want a rush result for your campaign, then don’t use SEO.

  • It might be penalized

Such like Google penalize those sites who copying their sites. Like Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin experienced to be penalized and they need to updates and need to do a lot of changes to avoid to be penalized again. As SEO user at the same you have a digital market business this could be a very hurtful and depressing situation, you work so hard and then it vanished because you’ve been penalized. So next time, be careful.

After reading the good and bad sides about the SEO, the decision is in your hands either to use the SEO or not. You know everything has it own good and bad side, there is a statement that say “playing safe without gaining or took the risk and you learn more”. If you are risky person and look for a white label of SEO here is the site http://whitelabelseo.com will provide you a great seo service.



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Potential clients specially those that could possibly be big accounts are hard to convince. They standards are exceptional that they only deal with companies that are competent and reliable. The wide online market nowadays are full of aspiring companies that strive hard and trying to make their way to the top at any cost. They are aggressive to attract bigger clients to give their companies a break. How to attract big companies to close a deal with them is one of their goals. And so, they constantly improve their sites to make it reliable, competent and attractive on the client’s eyes.  Hence, here are three ways how to attract clients with your site.

Create functional website. To make potential clients consider your products and services, you must have an attractive website. To make this happen, the site must be pretty impressive and that it catches their attention. A functional website is something that gives them the right information about the nature of your business and that every links are working. Also, they must see it as useful rather than a page that shows trashes of information. Thus, you have to very keen on what you are posting from there. You must have a thorough check and make sure the information perfectly describes your purpose. Using flowering words is fine but too much flowering words will make it less reliable. For short, do not over do it. It is important that when you turn to expert and competitive people when it comes with designing your website. If you haven’t found reliable company to do this, then check this web developer and be amazed how their website works http://www.designweb.co.uk.

Make it comprehensive and informational. How you make it informational depends on what you post on it. Make sure that when featuring products and services, their information must be concise and brief. Otherwise it will bore the clients as they will have to read long information out from it. That’s too much to take with their precious time. By making it straight to the point you will more likely catch their attention. Also, pictures are important. Be generous and show the examples of your awesome works. By showing them off, they will get more attracted on it and consider your products and services. In the industry of web designing and developing it is a must that you give as much comprehensive information as you want to see on the other site of your likes.

Give links that are useful. Make sure that your links do contain the information of their title. Avoid having links that lead to nowhere as it is a major turn off for potential clients. How will they consider a site that has useless links? Better not to link some terms to a page that doesn’t contain anything, that’s even safer. Provide links that leads to a page that contains comprehensive information. The content should contain as much picture than words if you are promoting a product. Also, make sure the necessary informationis there. If it is your blog, always make a catchy title in every article you post there. Well, it’s always a must as to create traffic. However, do not exaggerate the topics. Make it something simple but catchy. If you are promoting services out of links, post some videos or pictures how your services works so the potential clients wont have to deal with long reading on the service information. They will appreciate it to view videos or pictures rather than 1000 words of information.

How you attract potential clients depends on how you catch their attention with what you posted ion your site. It is important that your site is functional that are the links are working and every information serves as a basis of what you are trying to sell. Give as much information as posting pictures and videos that best explain how your business works. In this way they will more likely to consider your page as informational rather than trash talks of something that does not define your services. Be reliable with your posts. Make sure that the links you give lead your viewers to something they are expecting to see or find out. Having all of these guidelines will make your page informational, reliable and attractive for clients to consider.

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3There is no doubt that online advertising is one of the most popular and most widespread marketing strategies of today, with plenty of benefits for both the businesses and the customers. It is no wonder that the trend of online advertising is on the rise, since there are more and more people using the Internet on all sorts of devices and for all kinds of purposes. Furthermore, many businesses decide to base their campaign solely on online advertising and employ seo outsourcing services. Such decision has its good and bad sides, and if you are considering relying only on the Internet for your marketing campaign, in this article we will introduce you with the advantages and disadvantages of such strategy.

cost-effective-marketingLet us start with the advantages. First of all, online marketing is much more cost-effective than any form of traditional marketing, especially than advertising on TV. Online ads allow (and even require) lots of creativity, but they do not require too much financial investing. Another benefit is that online ads can deliver immediate results, meaning that you will have an almost instant insight on all the statistics related to your visitors, customers and people affected by your online advertising campaign, which allows you better control over the campaign. Unlike other types of advertising, online ads can be created so that they reach specific groups of people. You are able to determine the target group you want to be reached by your ad, and online advertisement is the most likely to reach that specific group instead of reaching too wide audience. On the other TOP-STRATEGIES-FOR-SELLING-AD-SPACE-ON-LOW-TRAFFIC-WEBSITES-IN-NIGERIAhand, online ad enables you to reach another type of wide audience – the international one. Instead of creating an advertisement that will reach the audience determined by the location of your company, you can aim for the audience all over the world, but filtered by their interests, age, gender and other relevant factors. Online ads can be creative and personalized, created for several specific target groups and not just one wide group of viewers. Furthermore, it can provide interactions and help build social relationships with your customers, as well as other businesses, which improves the success of your company. What’s more, unlike any other type of advertising, online marketing is available at any time of day or night, so it can be reached by people with different habits and from all time zones.

Online-AdvertisingAs we have mentioned, having the campaign based only on online marketing can have some disadvantages as well. First of all, the fact that technology is prone to errors can make your online ad non-working and damage your business’ reputation. More importantly, there are people who still have not embraced online marketing and purchase; and since there are plenty of online ads and banners all over the World Wide Web, many people choose to ignore them. Because of these groups of people and the potential problems with technology, you should consider advertising through other means as well, instead of using only online marketing strategies.

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